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How to protect Your League of Legends Account


Your League of Legends account is important, and ensuring that it isn’t compromised is critical to saving all of your progress over the months or years that you’ve been playing League. So whether it’s skins or rank that you’re worried about, here are some easy ways that you can protect your account. For any beginners that are just starting out you can head to the account creation page to get started today!


Password Strength 


The best option for password strength is to use something like a password manager that lets you make a randomized password for all of the different accounts that you log into. However, suppose you don’t have access to a service like this. In that case, there are still many options for ensuring that your password is hard to guess, easy to remember and, most importantly, difficult for a computer to break into. 


First things first, your password needs to be memorable to you but in a ‘non-public way. We mean by this that your password shouldn’t be based on something that is easy to know, like your birthday, but rather something that you can easily remember but is never going to come up in a google search. 


The second thing to keep in mind about a password when it comes to people guessing it is that randomness is key. Even long passwords can be easy to crack if they follow specific patterns. For example, Miss and Missfortune as part of a League of Legends password are just as easy to guess as one another, so ensure that you’re not making something too predictable. 


Finally, your biggest enemy when it comes to password protection (aside from you just sharing your password, more on that later) is computer programs guessing it for someone. Unlike humans, computers are confounded by the raw character count of passwords. This is where Missfortune would be a better password than Miss. That said, this weakness to longer passwords doesn’t mean a 10 character password; it means making a password that is 15+ characters long, so it’d better be something you remember. 


Using these three strategies will give you a solid and secure password that you will be in complete control over as long as you remember it.


Not Losing Your Account


If you ever try to recover your account with League of Legends, there was one thing that they ask you for beyond the username and the region that the account was in: The email address. 

Even more so than your League of Legends password, your email is the thing that controls your League of Legends account. There are several side effects of your email being the main way to control your account. Some marketplaces like https://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/ provide account trading and buying/selling options, a smart thing to do if you want to progress fast in the game.


Your email needs to be something you can always access. This means that it’s not good to tie your League of Legends account to a work or school email address like the one you get from your university. If that email account is ever deleted, then it would be almost impossible to recover your League of Legends account


  1.  Your email should be a private email only. There are some accounts, like work or contact emails, that multiple people have access to. Everyone who has access to your email address essentially has access to your League of Legends account, whether they have your League password or not. This means that you need to ensure that it’s an entirely private email account and that you don’t leave it logged in if you check your email somewhere other than a personal computer. 

  2. For this same reason, we suggest not checking your email on public internet networks to avoid losing access to the email and your League account. 



Playing it Safe


You’re not going to play every game of League of Legends in a perfectly private environment, but there are some things that you should make sure you do when you’re playing with other people around. 

  1. Log out if you’re not directly at your computer. We know it’s a pain to need to close League if you’re going to grab a drink, but it’s the best way to ensure that your League of Legends account is safe. If someone has access to the account open on your computer, they can quickly grab some of the recovery information they would need to log into your account in the future, or even worse, change the password and lock you out of your own account

  2. Ensure that you have your account set to not remember your password upon opening the League of Legends program. The ‘Remember Me’ option in the login screen is tempting and useful for personal computers, but forgetting to uncheck that option, or checking it out of habit, can lead to your account being wide open on a public computer, even if you close League any time you step away from the computer. 


Don’t Lend Out Your Account: 


There are lots of reasons that people might want to lend out their League of Legends account, but the safest thing to do in all situations is to avoid doing so, period. Though there are things you can do to make the process of sharing your account safer, the safest thing you can do is not share your account in any circumstances. Anyone who has access to the account once is much more likely to have access again in the future, whether you want them to or not. 


If you do ever need to lend out your account, make a new password when you’re lending out the account and switch it back once they’re finished. This will ensure that you are always in control of the account and you aren’t leaving an opening in the account for later. In case you lose your password, make sure to use this page for recovery: https://recovery.riotgames.com/en/forgot-password


With all of these tips, you can keep your League Account safe. Keep in mind that accounts are connected to critical things like credit cards and PayPal accounts, so it’s critical to ensure that your account is safe with the steps we mentioned above! Stay safe out there summoners. 


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