Recreational Experience

We also differentiate leisure and recreation. Have a break from couch potato; engage in rejuvenating experience involving therapeutic treatment of the body and mind as well as entertainment activity. We make sure there’s never a dull moment over your stay in the resort.

In line with our health care concept, we offer the following recreational activities;

Body and Mind

  • Bamboo Stick Exercise
  • Aqua Exercise
  • Ruesri Dat Ton
  • Walking Meditation
  • Panayama Breathing
  • Partner Massage
  • Reflex Points for Self-Therapy
  • Self Abdominal Massage

Health Lifestyle
  • Health Culinary Class
  • Making Colon Detox Tea
  • Making Homemade Yogurt
  • Healthy Cooking Demonstration

Art and Cultural  Outdoor Activities
  • Loi Kratong Outdoor Experience (seasonal activity)
  • Art of Folding – Towels

Entertainment Activities
  • Family Treasure Hunt
  • Christmas and New Year special themed activities (seasonal activity)