Message  from Founder

"We believe to bring our best to people lives", said Worrawut Kaouthai - Founder of  the Banburee resort and Thai-International  hospital.

When I was taking over  Banburee, I did not view Banburee as a place for simple relaxation. Instead I saw it as a place to offer people life opportunities - where they are inspired and cultivated in a conscious lifestyle living,  and transform their lives to be healthier and happier.

With this goal in mind, we all work hard to make it happen. I am blessed that I have an excellent team to support , and they have genuine hearts to share and care for other people.

Banburee's philosophy focuses on improving a quality  of life in the local communities.  Activities such as health education, financial support and social activities have been offered  to those, who are in needs,  in these three years, and it remains to be our major focus.

Should you wish to be part of our social support, please feel free to contact us, or follow our activities at

In your good health,

Worrawut Kaouthai
Chief Executive Officer

Banburee Resort & Restorative  Health Residence
Thai International Hospital -Samui