Age is a natural process, but how we age is up to us.

Examine Yourself to for Keeping Your Health

Most of us are living in a stressful world, being exposed to pollution, eating with unhealthy diets, poor lifestyle, full of stress and lack of sleep and exercise. These combination of environment can affects the overall health, and creates chronic diseases when our bodies are out of balance.

Affiliated with Thai International Hospital, a wide range of medical check-up programs are available on offer. Our doctors will focus on finding the actual root cause of the health issues that is a common denominator for all types of ailments, and work together with you to achieve your health goals. We also offer a tailor-made check-u programs that suit to your individual needs. Please call us to schedule your check-up program with the medical expert.

Physical Examination and Health Assessment

Using advanced technology to ensure of diagnostic results.


Our doctor integrate all information and prescribe the treatments suitable to your needs. Through this process, patient and doctor will are partners in the healing process. All factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration, including mental, emotional as well as physical health.

Follow-up by a medical expert

Our customer service will arrange the schedule with you once receiving the result paper.

Retreat at Medical Residence

For visitors seeking health and leisure holidays, we offer half and full board stay at Banburee Restorative Health Residence. This will give you an opportunity to fully relax, restore and rejuvenate your health at affordable price.